"Our new age needs new paintings. Kristina belongs to the young generation, who connects easy the pragmatism with the utopia. Her artworkcycle "Outer Space" carries much more spirit than matter and manifests his important features as rhytm,axis, balance, truth, love and the simplicity, which stays on the other side of the complexity.

That is an art in sounds of the music of the nature, which translates the pulsation of the cosmic heartbeat in forms and paralell with a changable concentration and dispersion through the language of the light the music

of the silence. And the light shines into and out of the canvas, while a distinct polarity - brightness and darkness, heath and couldness, illusion and disillusion appears. While putting the space on the place, Kristinas paintings move us in the real world of the dreams, visions and the imaginations - the world, which vibrates beyond our

sences. They deliver us in the cosmic world of the knowledge.

That is an art of the soul and the paintigs have absorbed a lot of love. And where is love - it is life, impact and


Borislav Sretkov - Artlover and Artcollector

Berlin, September 2014



„The absolute exaltation Kristina feels from the act of painting is really catching. Her non-commitment to the destructive processes, arisen in the classical vocation of European and later American art ignoring human states, seem to give her the advantage of not turning her back to real life. This shapes her attitude to art in full contrast to the processes associated with the new visual world, the world that takes away man from what her paintings overtly declare, namely creating a sense of joy, faith, gratitude and optimism. To put it briefly, Kristina’s paintings once again provoke viewers not to feel shy to feel and artists not to suppress their sensuousness or disguise their joy of painting resembling a supreme spiritual exaltation.

The emergence of Kristina Sretkova’s spontaneous paintings resembling the eruption of artistic magma, often in the form of flowers and cosmic galaxies, built by means of piling up layers of color and full of light without losing its mysteriousness and the mysticism so typical of the East, makes her paintings peculiarly attractive.”

Prof. Axinia Djurova, Curator, Sofia/Bulgaria, 2013