“Kristina Sretkova’s visual exploration can be reasonably defined as a borderline case between Rothko’s abstract expressionism and Constable and Turner’s poetic romanticism. In Sretkova’s paintings one can always find dichotomy of light and darkness. The warriors of the night fight their eternal battle against the guardians of the light. Men born in the shadow of darkness return to a new world dominated by light. It is a world where reason is replaced by creative euphoria. Kristina Sretkova’s paintings convey a kind of intellect that is in dialogue with the genius of the spirit.

The artist’s great linguistic potential carries and transforms a real visual alphabet into a stage that gives order to the genius of chaos. The Preacher of mystery. This is how I would like to define her. Impressive confessions by a faithful witness of the great enigma. A sign in the Preacher’s tales that does not seem enchained in the prison of

the soul but manifests itself with all of its might. A style that I would define as aristocratic is a characteristic feature of the artist. A style that consequently has the same awakening force as the Ten Commandments. A whirlwind of a new power lives in the canvas and thus makes her appearance in the world of Man."

Dr. Salvatore Russo, International Art Book "Segnalati", Italy, 2013