Master of Media-Design and Contemporary Artist KRISTINA SRETKOVA was born 1984 in Stockholm/Sweden, grows up international and has German and Bulgarian Nationality. She lives since 2000 in Germany. 2008 she graduated Master of Media-Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, Germany. Art follows her whole life, her teachers are worldwide honored painters. She has art lovers all around the world - in Europe, North and South America, Russia, Asia and Africa. Kristina is painting in Germany, Bulgaria and Cyprus. Kristina has so far 15 Awards, 48 solo exhibitions and 72 group exhibitions and is member of Société des Artistes Indépendants (Society of Independent Artists), Paris. Today she lives and works in Berlin.


„While I paint I'm singing and I focus on my inner world, listen to the inner voice by taking power, intuition, rhytm, intelligence and inspiration from my soul. Doing that I project my inner light on the canvas. As I feel the colours like different frequencies they cover areas, which are behind the real world we see. I want to deliver to the viewer joy, hope, optimism, gratitude, humor and the ability to love, a push to think about and just to feel!“ Kristina Sretkova




• Affordable Art Fair NYC, Spring 2019
• Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong 2019, Srping


• Book Presentation „How and Why China“, Author B. Sretkov
• Tokyo Art International, Japan
• Art International Zurich, Switzerland
• Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong, Fall
• Affordable Art Fair NYC, Fall, USA
• Shenzhen International Art Fair, China
• Lawyers C. M.-Engelmann & Dr. F. Engelmann, Oranienburg, Germany


• World Art Dubai
• Gallery Am Lindenhof, Zurich, Schwitzerland
• Art Canton, Guangzhou, China
• Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong
• Gallery Kypriaki Gonia, Cyprus
• Shenzhen International Art Fair, China


• Art Fair Shenzhen
• Town Hall Hohen Neuendorf, Germany
• Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong, Autumn
• Art China, Beijing
• Gallery Lindenhof, Zurich, Switzerland
• Historical House of Drof. Axinia Djurova, Samokov, Bulgaria
• Deutsche Bank Berlin, Germany
• World Art Dubai
• Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong, Sping
• Helston Spa Hotel, Guangzhou, China
• Fosweet Caffee, Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou, China
• UNESCO, Hamburg, Germany

2015• Art International Zurich
• Guangzhou International Art Fair
• Art Canton Guangzhou
• Gallery Lindenhof Zurich
• Galerie Steiner Vienna
• ACAS Hong Kong
• Evangelische Johannesstift Berlin
• Berlin Capital Club
 2014• Art International Zurich
• Gallery LIK, Sofia
• Schloss Torgelow, Germany
• Foundation Talat Alaiyan, Berlin
 2013• ArtiFact Gallery, New York City
• Art International Zurich
• Kronen Galerie, Zurich
• Warburg Realty, New York City
• Gallery de l'Europe, Paris
 2012• Kypriaki Gonia Gallery & Hilton Hotel, Cyprus
• Art International Zurich
• Kronen Gallery, Zurich
• BKI-Gallery, Berlin
• Warburg Realty LTd., New York City
 2011• Kypriaki Gonia Gallery, Cyprus
• Gallery LIK, Sofia
• Broadway Gallery New York City
 2010• Fred Fargo Gallery, Berlin
 2009• Doster Ltd., Sofia




• Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, Fall, Sweden
• Shanghai Art Fair, China
• Affordable Art Fair Singapore, Fall

2017• Asia Contemporary Art Show Singapore
• Affordable Art Fair NYC, Spring
• Affordable Art Fair Singapore, Spring
• Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, Spring
• Shanghai Art Fair, China
2016• Art Shanghai, China
• Blink Gallery Hong Kong
• Kypriaki Gonia Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus
• Affordable Art Fair Singapore, Spring

• Art en Capital, Grand Palais Paris
• Art Week Budapest
• ACAS Hong Kong, Blink Gallery
• Blink Gallery Hong Kong
• Art Week London
• French-Chinese Art Association Beijing
• Blink Gallery Hong Kong
• AAF Singapore, Forest Rain Gallery
• Art Week Moscow
• Art Week Sofia


• 1949 Xinhua Culture Park, Beijing
• Art en Capital Grand Palais, Paris
• AAF Singapore
• Art Week St. Petersburg
• Kypriaki Gonia Gallery, Cyprus
• Art China, Beijing
• Art Week and Art Fair Moscow
• AAF Hong Kong


• Art en Capital, Grand Palais, Paris
• AAF Singapore
• Art Week Moscow
• á l’Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris
• Art Festival of SongChuang, China
• Allee Artist Franco-Chinose, Beijing
• Seoul, South Korea
• Montserrat Art Gallery, New York City
• Kypriaki Gonia Gallery, Cyprus
• Art Week St. Petersburg
• Art Beijing 2013
• Art Monaco 13
• Art Week Berlin
• AAF Hong Kong
• Forest Rain Gallery, Singapore
• American Club, Singapore
• Gagliardi Gallery, London


• "Spiritualita", Palazzo Pontificio, Rome
• Salon Art en Capital, Grand Palais Paris
• Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, NYC
• Chianciano International Art Award, Italy
• “Unlimited Potentional… Earth Vortice” Ferrara
• Art Week Madrid
• “Künstlerische Freiheit” Erlangen
• Marzia Frozen “Another Criteria”, Berlin
• Gallery Kleiner Prinz, Baden-Baden, Germany
• “Spirit of Vienna” MOYA-Museum, Vienna
• “Litmitless Expressions”, Toronto
• Museum of Fine Arts Las Vegas
• Art Expo NYC
• Art Week Berlin


• Biennale Florence
• “Symphony of Colors” Florence
• Gallery Kleiner Prinz, Baden-Baden
•  Art Week Sofia 
•  Art Week Moscow
• Art Week Berlin
•  Broadway Galerie New York City


• Berliner Liste, Berlin




Member of Société des Artistes Indépendants, Paris
Blink Gallery, Hong Kong
World Wide Fund of Arts, Moscow
Gallery LIK, Sofia, Bulgaria
Gallery Kypriaki Gonia, Cyprus